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Not all that long ago society deemed the value of free speech to be far greater than the dangers of its misuse - indeed, the paradoxical cure for its misuse was held to be free speech itself: you have as much the right to offend as you have the right to be offended. The Press were the ones manning the front lines in the defense of free speech, exposing facts, pitted against politicians and regimes that would have us remain ignorant of those facts. Sadly nowadays it is Main-Stream Media that has lost its way. It has succumbed to commercial and ideological pressures, seeking to ‘remain relevant’ to its ideological market - truth and facts are less important than serving ‘the narrative’.

On these pages we aim to connect you to selected sources of excellent content including news, opinion, analysis, podcasts, newsletters, blogs and vlogs, collected from amongst others, Politicsweb, Daily Friend, AIER, Daily Caller, and the Mises Institute. We invite you to propose other good sources for inclusion.