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The commonwealth of like-minded enterprises that support private-property and a free-market economy

We utilise a cloud-based digital platform that enables us to transact in an interconnected ecosystem that is open free and unimpeded.

If you share our values, please consider joining us ...

About our backbone... it's digital & cloud-based

Our member-owned digital backbone powers a trade platform we call ARIMA. Key to the fulfillment of our mission, it provides cloud-based infrastructure, payment gateways with cryptocurrency support, extensive supply chain/community management functionality, smart contracts, e-residency, cloud-based safe haven banking, and access to methodologies, patterns, standards and other "how-to" expertise and guides.

Our digitized ecosystem helps members to (1) maximize their operational efficiency, (2) create markets and opportunities, (3) hedge their risks and to protect their assets against political threats, (4) access expert know-how and information, and also (5) informs members about important local and international news and events.

Opportunities that originate from community member requests and invitations: finance, sales, aggregation, services, and more

Collaborate with other members to setup and execute projects for supply chains development, funding, IP & product development, and more

Join supply chain communities, hubs and collectives that will benefit your organization (or setup your own to serve your objectives)

Forum offerings including software, tools, standards, guides, methodologies, and services to help your business succeed

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Member Profiles

The Free Market Business Forum is a not-for-profit community of members that subscribe to the fundamental precepts of a free market economy and private property; the community fosters reciprocal support between members by means of supply chain inclusion, joined projects, and other forms of collaboration. Membership is open to all of like-mind, in particular to business owners and collectives such as business leagues and commerce chambers.

Profiles of our active members can be viewed here...

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