About the Bizverse Cloud

The Bizverse Cloud is an ontology-first BaaS (Backend as a Service) that facilitates platform business models. It offers a cloud service model that provides all the behind-the-scenes functionality required for web applications so that 3rd party application providers only have to be concerned with the front-end, or UI. In other words, it provides a ready-made environment for all the server-based activities generally required by business applications, such as user authentication, database management, remote updating, cloud storage and so forth. All services are API-based with various frameworks and artifacts provided to utilize these services.

The Bizverse Cloud BaaS includes the following artifacts (click the list item for more information):.


The basic development approach for the Bizverse BaaS is "ontology-first". In other words, applications are defined by selecting applicable object definitions from the ontology, and defining new objects when needed. Selected objects’ behaviour are then 'tuned' by selecting appropriate values for relevant properties to serve the specific needs of the particular application.

Applications composed in this manner function by utilizing the ready-made Bizverse API that interprets the object definitions. Applications are rendered by the UI and API acting together to interpret the object definition, producing the required visualizations and related behaviour. This approach operates on the premise that all platforms and apps, regardless of their particular idiosyncrasies and unique complex requirements, nevertheless share essential base artifacts and service requirements.

It can simplistically be explained as follows: the API extracts the relevant workspace information and builds the view based on the rules specified by the ontology, and passes it to the UI; the UI in turn interprets the application's presentation requirements - also provided by the object definitions - rendering an appropriate presentation using standard presentation artifacts, e.g., grids, tables, forms, etc.

Workspaces are collections of data objects belonging to a particular business or person, which may only be accessed by the workspace’s authorised users, through its subscribed applications.

A Community is a collection of workspaces that are able to interact with a Bizverse Hub, and which enables the Hub to interact with each Hub member, independently, for the exchange of data objects, and/or for the provision of application portals and other IP.

Application Portals are the entry point to a workspace through which most interactions with its contained information will take place. A Bizverse Portal is typically made up of a collection of workbenches, workflows, jigs and dashboards. Workbenches and workflows in turn, are collections of workbooks through which a user interacts with the workspace data. Besides standard create-read-update-delete (CRUD) functionality, workbooks may also provide jigs, which are custom-built specialized utilities.



The following online resources provide more information about the Bizverse: